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Ghazi Sangat

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Year 2017
aashoor se duniya baqi hay Play Download
dar khyber ka asan tha par Play Download
maqam shuhda e karbala ka Play Download
matam sada karna Play Download
mehfil na aesi dekhi khudaya Play Download
nikli hain deen bachanay Play Download
tha sab se bara jo peghambar Play Download
ye gham bhula do Play Download
Year 2016
01 main wo hussain (a.s.) hun Play Download
02 do masturaat muhafiz hen Play Download
03 mazloom hai tu mazloomon ka Play Download
04 baqar (a.s.) ne bachpanay mein Play Download
05 mehdi (a.s.) gçô shabbir (a.s.) ko maqtal mein Play Download
06 ik naam e wafa abbas (a.s.) likho Play Download
07 aashoor ghadeer ke bagçöis hai Play Download
08 main tujh se raazi hun khaaliq Play Download


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